How landing pages boost sales

How landing pages boost sales

Landing pages are pages on your website that are set up with one purpose – to capture customer data using a form (“complete your details to receive a free sample”) or to introduce customers to your selling proposition with a button to click through and start shopping.

Good landing pages are very focused with a single call to action; they’re concise, and they don’t have products on them.

Here’s an example of a lead generation landing page

Here’s an example of a click through landing page

How distributors can use landing pages

Landing pagesLet’s say that you want to run a marketing campaign to promote a handful of specific products. A Back to School campaign to promote a recycled pencil case, plastic ruler, notepad and leather bookmark, for example.

You’re planning to promote the offer via email and social media to your customers and prospects. So, you’d call your landing page and add this link to all of your messages for this campaign. It should include:

A ‘back to school’ header and explanatory paragraph which matches the email campaign styling

A simple on-screen data capture form (“complete your email to receive a free quote”)
A call to action button which links to a page of related products which the customer can buy

Supporting evidence – a testimonial or statistic – but nothing too wordy, as you want to keep the emphasis on the form or call to action button


The form option gives you an instant source of leads; the click through ‘call to action’ option has the effect of ‘warming people up’ to your offering before they shop.

Landing pages work because they have a simple focus – of capturing customer information. Check out this amazing infographic if you need more convincing!

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