How to make your website pages more search engine friendly

How to make your website pages more search engine friendly

This is a beginner's guide to basic Search Engine Optimization - i.e. getting your website higher up the search engine result pages, so you gain more visitors to your website.

There are three things all website pages need to be optimized for search engines.

Use descriptive URLs

A URL is the address of a page on your website, for example

A search engine friendly URL should describe the page contents (‘holiday-gift-ideas-for-clients’), be concise, and hyphens should be used to separate words, where necessary for readability.

Include the keywords in the Title tags

Title tags are not ‘on’ the page of your website; they are what you see in the tabs across the top of your browser. Ask your website provider how to edit your Title tags if you can’t easily identify them.

They should include your keywords but avoid being over-wordy; Google will only show about 60 characters.

Search engine optimized pages

Include relevant page content

Your header text should include your keywords, as should your page content. Don’t force it though – write naturally and the keywords will come naturally, too!

Top tip: be focused!

Don’t try and stuff all of your keywords on to one page – if you want to have a page of corporate Christmas gifts, create a new page with all of those keywords in the URL, Title and content. The more pages you create, the better your search engine ranking will be!

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