Why your website is like a skinny caterpillar

Why your website is like a skinny caterpillar

Hungry websites need nurturingA lot of promotional product distributors are kinda underwhelmed with their website. It looks nice, they can find it on Google, but it’s not bringing in many inquiries, let alone orders.
Here’s the deal: no website, regardless of platform, works without active promotion.
Websites are like caterpillars: you’ve got to keep ‘feeding’ them in order for them to turn into a beautiful butterfly.
Here’s a short list of things you simply must do in order to make your website successful, or, if you like, your caterpillar fat:

1. Promote it.

Email marketing is still the most effective way to drive visitors to your website. Build your mailing list through exhibitions and networking events, or partner up with a non-competitor marketing to the same potential customers

2. Optimize it.

You’ve got to keep adding content to your website to make it more search engine friendly. Try adding a new page once a week – if you’re stuck for ideas, try top 10 lists (top 10 products for bike mechanics, top 10 reasons safety programs work, etc.)

3. Incentivize.

Give people a reason to buy from you, not the other guys. You might be cheaper; you might have better service; you might have the best products. Just don’t try and convince people that you can be all three – be credible!

4. Be social.

Or not. But don’t commit the cardinal sin of having a neglected Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn company page. It just looks like you don’t care. Better to not have one at all if you can’t post something 3 times a week or more.

5. Try new things.

Try adding a ‘Have a question about this product’ form to your pages, to make it simpler for customers to contact you. Try changing the number of products on a page. Try out a new set of banner graphics.

Most of all, you must dedicate time to give your website the best possible chance of emerging from the chrysalis!

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