Online Designer for Graphic Designers

Online Designer for Graphic Designers

Create customizable online templates for your clients


Flexible Online Design Tools

Customer Focus delivers a website coupled with a powerful online designer, enabling graphic designers to easily share ideas with clients, and make designs available for editing.

Design templates include customizable elements such as text, images and shapes, so for example, if you produce a flyer for a realtor, you can make available an editable version for all of their branches.

The designer features layers, for more complex editing, and a zoom function, so very detailed designs can be accommodated.

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Sophisticated Design Tools

You can give your customers as little or as much freedom to edit their design as you like, as layers and editing tools can be locked at your discretion. 

You can allow text editing, special effects, and the ability to add images from social media accounts / offline folders. We also offer a Fotolia integration allowing your customers to choose (for an extra charge) from over 20 million stock images.

It's also worth noting that if the client uploads poor-quality artwork, they'll get a warning advising them that this will not result in a print-ready design.


Easy to Manage and Share Designs

All elements of the design are organized in layers, which can be labelled, dragged 'n' dropped, and locked, for ease of editing. There are also multiple 'faces' for products such as flyers with more than one customizable side.

As well as seeing the item cost, if the customer adds stock photography, they'll see the 'image cost' in the top right hand side of the editor, so there are no surprises at checkout.

If required, customers can save and share designs with colleagues for approval, before checking out. Unlimited revisions are stored completely free of charge.

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